Wednesday, 27 August 2014

PINGLE MEETS PIXIWOO // it was everything

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 photo pixiwoo-1_zps4968ae82.jpg
 photo pixiwoo2_zps5bb31748.jpg
 photo pixiwoo4_zps30a92188.jpg

It's not often we get to meet the people we truly admire. Therefore I still look at these pictures with absolute glee and think about how lucky and grateful I was to be given the opportunity to meet the Pixiwoo sisters, Nic and Sam Chapman - two self confessed "Youtube Grannies" I cannot get enough of.

I've been such a fan of the girls ever since my beauty blogging habits began and I'm delighted to report they were every bit as beautiful both in person and spirit as I had hoped they would be. In short it was a truly lovely experience. Nic and Sam absolutely bowled me over with their kindness, friendly chit chat and empowering attitude. I even got a few more Real Techniques brushes to add to the collection.

As you'd expect the Nic's Picks set of duo fibre brushes are wonderful and I am quite enjoying packing on the slap with these babies. Head on over to Opsh to read a bit more about when Pingle met Pixiwoo and the product lusting that ensued. #smitten. 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

ZARA FEMME // eau de "get on my wrists right now"

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It's not often I find myself dangerously close to the end of a perfume bottle without another one ready to go. Thankfully between Christmas, birthdays and "borrowing" from my sister I'm usually pretty well stocked up for the year. However, being a bit too spritz happy with my beloved bottle of Jimmy Choo (I'm tearfully inhaling the last few drops right now) left me with no choice other than to cough up for a new scent. 

To my delight it turns out no bank balance abuse was necessary as for the very reasonable price of €10.99 this delicious and totally desk worthy Zara Femme perfume is now lingering on my skin and fast becoming a new favourite scent. And just look at that rose gold detail and crisp white bottle. Mmmmm white. 

All the goodness of an expensive perfume minus the designer price tag. Love. 


Thursday, 14 August 2014

FML // 1 very big reason to never ever pick a spot

 photo spot-3_zpsc3dac53a.jpg
 photo SPOT-2_zpsc2efef6a.jpg

Consider this my selfless contribution to the beauty blogging world for years to come. Allow me to introduce Mr. S. He’s loud, red and throbbing and has now taken up residency on my face for the foreseeable week. Come and get me boys.

Unless you have perfect skin the next time you happen to get a spot please consider Mr.S, me and our turbulent relationship. Learn from my mistakes and do not aggravate the beast…ever ever ever.


*apologies if you were consuming food whilst reading this. I'd hate me too. 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

NYX JUMBO EYE PENCIL // 3 ways to milk it

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 photo GIF_zps99ca05f0.gif
 photo 9_zps996cec24.jpg

Having significantly worn down the nub on my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" I thought it was about time I divulged my 3 favourite ways to use this little calcium stick before it disappears for good. And what better way to show and tell than through a very high-tech Gif format. Marvellous wonderous creations those Gifs.....

Now onto the pencil. 

First I highlight under the eyebrow and blend. Next comes a dot on the corner of my eye followed by some more blending. Finally, if I'm feeling especially sleep deprived, I line the inner rim of the waterline and blend that all in too. 

I've really been enjoying the brightening effect this pencil has on the eye area and for €4.99 you can't really go wrong. A definite mighty multitasking product to get your hands on. 


Friday, 1 August 2014

RIMMEL NAILS // i've made a hug list, you're on it

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 photo 10-WITH-TEXT-SATCHURATED_zpseda6eb4d.jpg

My not so guilty little pleasure. Rimmel Nail Polish. I have spoken about them numerous times. Great formula, budget friendly, long lasting with pigmented and punchy colours. I may even go so far as to say they are my favourite nail polish brand *gaaaaaaasp! I cannot seem to leave Boots without swatching, sniffing or purchasing one of those little beauties. Addicted? Absolutely. Sorry? Nope, not even a little bit. Anybody else love them as much as I do?

*take note of how I placed that tiny giraffe and a pineapple to add a splash of artistic flair. I got this juxtaposition business down. Magritte eat your heart out.