Sunday, 21 September 2014

TOUCHY FEELY TIMES // boohoo autumn/winter textures

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I'll put my hands up and admit I'm not the most adventurous wardrobe warrior. You probably won't find me working the latest trends or cutting a dash in couture; however that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate all the marvellous creations consistently being fed into the fashion world. In fact I happen to really really enjoy it and lap up every opportunity that comes my way to see said creations.

The Boohoo Autumn Winter Press day was one such opportunity where I went completely goo eyed over all the textures, shapes and angles on offer.

I rarely where sequins, but my magpie tendencies always draw me towards their shiny goodness. And damn do they look amazing in a picture.

Don't even get me started on the dreamy cotton candy fluffy I wanna die.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

POST ITS // crispy clean lines

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"You gotta act cool, calm and collected around eyeliner. It can sense your fear"

With that little pearl of wisdom in mind here's a fool proof way to face your fear of eyeliner and perfect it every time. I find this method is particularly good for days when I'm in a rush / have the shakes/ want a dramatic flick, as no matter how uncoordinated my hand chooses to be post its ride right in and save the day. Hallelujah for these little unassuming eye makeup essentials! 

Damn that's a crispy line..........


Sunday, 7 September 2014

WHITE NAILS // so fresh and so clean

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 photo 3_zps662f5899.jpg

It has been 7 days since Electric Picnic. 7 days since I partied with Andre 3000, Big Boi and the lads. 7 days since I surprised myself at my ability to drink my body weight in cans 3 nights in a row. Thankfully between running around Dublin and working with the wonderful Opsh team as they prep for their impending launch I havn't had time to wallow in the post Picnic come down. 

Consider this my final word on the Electric Picnic experience and a tribute to what was such a truly magical and wonderful weekend with good friends and good tunes. White nails. "So fresh and so clean". See you next year EP. Anybody else make it to Stradbally?

*Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish in White Hot Love


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

PINGLE MEETS PIXIWOO // it was everything

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 photo pixiwoo-1_zps4968ae82.jpg
 photo pixiwoo2_zps5bb31748.jpg
 photo pixiwoo4_zps30a92188.jpg

It's not often we get to meet the people we truly admire. Therefore I still look at these pictures with absolute glee and think about how lucky and grateful I was to be given the opportunity to meet the Pixiwoo sisters, Nic and Sam Chapman - two self confessed "Youtube Grannies" I cannot get enough of.

I've been such a fan of the girls ever since my beauty blogging habits began and I'm delighted to report they were every bit as beautiful both in person and spirit as I had hoped they would be. In short it was a truly lovely experience. Nic and Sam absolutely bowled me over with their kindness, friendly chit chat and empowering attitude. I even got a few more Real Techniques brushes to add to the collection.

As you'd expect the Nic's Picks set of duo fibre brushes are wonderful and I am quite enjoying packing on the slap with these babies. Head on over to Opsh to read a bit more about when Pingle met Pixiwoo and the product lusting that ensued. #smitten. 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

ZARA FEMME // eau de "get on my wrists right now"

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It's not often I find myself dangerously close to the end of a perfume bottle without another one ready to go. Thankfully between Christmas, birthdays and "borrowing" from my sister I'm usually pretty well stocked up for the year. However, being a bit too spritz happy with my beloved bottle of Jimmy Choo (I'm tearfully inhaling the last few drops right now) left me with no choice other than to cough up for a new scent. 

To my delight it turns out no bank balance abuse was necessary as for the very reasonable price of €10.99 this delicious and totally desk worthy Zara Femme perfume is now lingering on my skin and fast becoming a new favourite scent. And just look at that rose gold detail and crisp white bottle. Mmmmm white. 

All the goodness of an expensive perfume minus the designer price tag. Love.