Saturday, 19 July 2014

OJON BIG HAIR BIG LOVE // mind the shine....

 photo 1-CROPPED_zps746106e7.jpg
 photo 2-DONE_zps0ff0dbad.jpg
 photo 8_zpsff210cb3.jpg
 photo 4_zpsb40c8b1c.jpg
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 photo 6_zps1d210226.jpg
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This week I had the pleasure of attending a hair consultation with Ojon Haircare and their brand new treatment technician Jennie Roberts at the Dylan Bradshaw Salon in Dublin. Here's a few things I learned....
  • I got big ass, phat hair. Cheers mam! 
  • Every Thursday should begin with a wash and blowdry.
  • To quote Jennie "You have Kate Bush eyes". I die.
  • Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment is pummelling my parched dry hair ends into submission. Plus it smells absurdly delicious.
  • Terry is a hero for tackling my mane. Talk about an arm workout!
  • FKA Twigs loves her baby hairs. Why can't I?
  • Jennie is an absolute Lioness with better hair than Beyonce.
  • Ojon does volume very very well. #hugehair.

Monday, 14 July 2014

FINISHING TOUCHES // accessories

 photo PIECE6-LIGHTEST_zps395e2ee2.jpg
j1 photo PIECE1_zpsedf80c39.jpg
j7 photo PIECE8_zpse80ff079.jpg
j3 photo PIECE3_zpsc5775bfe.jpg
j2 photo PIECE2_zpsf89dc373.jpg
j8 photo PIECE9_zps54bacdce.jpg

I generally keep it pretty simple accessories wise to avoid any sparkly disasters, usually opting for just one or two well placed choice pieces. Think simple and sedated rather than statement. Less is more.

Links of London Grey Skull Friendship Bracelet. Received this for Christmas and has fast become one of my most worn accessories. Sterling silver. Sleek. Grey. Bad-ass skulls. Love.

Links of London FEED Beige and Copper Peanut Bracelet. Another beauty from Links. I fell in love with the little sterling silver peanut the minute I clapped eyes on it. Peanut butter and me go together like Beyonce and Jay-Z, match made in heaven, so this was a very welcome graduation gift.

Pandora Charm Bracelet. Gifted for my 18th birthday many moons ago. Loved ever since. I prefer to keep the charms to a minimum though. I love how it looks with just a few. 

Silver Circle Chain. I had been searching for a minimal silver chain that would compliment any outfit beautifully. This delicate number from Claire's Accessories of all places was a real find and certainly looks the part for a very minuscule price. Someday however I would love to invest in a quality chain that I know I will wear forever.  

Topshop Midi Ring. A well placed ring always sits well with me. Nice, simple, foolproof.

*clutch bag H&M


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

STYLE // do you opsh here often?

 photo 4_zps35a7e4ee.jpg
 photo 3_zps713a1126.jpg
 photo 5_zps2003d02c.jpg
 photo 1_zps3c1b68c3.jpg
 photo 6_zps95dad89a.jpg

1. to partake in a spot of proper online shopping with the least amount of click clickitty clicks necessary cos ain't nobody got time for that shit no more! 

Any Irish girl worth her stylish salt will have already heard about the very exciting up and coming online shopping experience OPSH. I'm already a big fan of the achingly cool founders of the website, the McGinn Sisters so expect to see a very well edited selection of some of the high streets finest threads conveniently placed together into one delightful shopping mecca, customised to suit your own personal taste and style.

Set to go live in September expect OPSH to take the stressful "elbows at the ready" approach out of the highstreet shopping experience, negate the need for scrolling through countless fashion websites on the internet, become the busy girls best friend and your credit cards worst enemy. I foresee many wonderful purchases being made in the comfort of my pyjamas and this seasons' must have hair accessory - the scrunchie. My god I'm fucking fabulous!

Keep up to date with all things OPSH here, including some sporadic blogging and more scrunchie loving from yours truly!


Saturday, 5 July 2014

MASCARA // blind faith

 photo 1_zpsa91bfad1.jpg
 photo 2_zps02cbf2ab.jpg
 photo 3-wit-txt_zps227f777d.jpg
 photo 4_zps0ad31ead.jpg

Please tell me I'm not the only one who pulls a ridiculous and terrifying face whilst applying mascara? Observe me in all my glory in picture one. However lately I've been enjoying a different method of mascara application which involves wiggling the wand through the lashes when the eye is closed. Sounds odd but I find it works a treat. Not only do I get big fat feckin lashes but they hold a curl much better too. Just make sure to get right into the roots and have a cotton bud or two on stand by to gently wipe away any rogue mascara.

I like my jeans skinny and my lashes fat. Word.   


Thursday, 3 July 2014

NAILS // blue grapes

 photo 1_zps17cfb185.jpg
 photo 2_zpsb3f5829a.jpg

Was feeling colourful so randomly dug this nice little number out from the bottom of the nail polish stash. Gave it a little shake, whacked it on the nails complete with my beloved Sally Hansen topcoat and fell in love with it all over again. Barry M "Blue Grape", you are quite lovely indeed. Just wish your formula didn't chip so quickly. I am willing to overlook this minor detail however as the 2 perfect days wear I get from you are joyous and leave me grinning at my nails like a slack jawed yokel