Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WEIRD THINGS I'M LIKING RIGHT NOW // just don't call me weird

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I thought I'd share a few completely random things/ habits I've been dancing around and loving lately. I think I'm secretly hoping somebody will share something equally odd and subsequently make me feel less weird...indulge me people.

First up, this "Old Spice" mans deodrant I came across at home one day. I ran out of my choice Mitchum roll on deodrant and needed a lil spray of something quick. Turns out this is my brothers and turns out I really like the smell too so he won't be getting it back anytime soon. #sorrynotsorry 

Next up a completely basic, bland and boring chapstick I received in a goody bag at work. This is no frills beauty at it's finest! 

Ould mascara. So I love mascara but happen to like it even more when it's a bit old and aged? I'm just not a fan of the very wet formula of a brand new mascara and prefer to let it "ripen" up like a fine wine before I lash it on my lashes. It's easier to build volume.

This little blush brush I picked up in a €2 shop has been seeing plenty of action on my face. Playing with the big boys now. 

A coffee scented candle from TK Maxx. Hurray for scented candle season again! I don't even like coffee but this smells damn good. I also dropped said candle, smashed the top but still  love the way it looks. Shabby chic or just plain shabby? 

Scrunchie! Love, need, want forever. Has been lovingly hoisting my hair up into a big ass bun for the past year. Never sees the light of day though. Strictly reserved for house use only. 

This adorable notebook my very good friend picked up on her travels in Thailand. These days more than ever I've been reaching for a pen and paper to jot down work ideas that pop into my head. Pen and paper still trumps phones (for now anyways).

While I'm at it I might as well mention this twitter account too. @averagelifegoals, you make me all kinds of happy. #LivingTheDream


Saturday, 11 October 2014

INSTYLER // welcome to the family you big softy.....

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I've long been a GHD devotee and have used mine religiously since 3rd year in secondary school. That's one hell of a hair relationship if you ask me. We just clicked. Unfortunately my beloved hair styling tool of choice has seen better days and when it started to hiss and fizz with every use I figured maybe it was time to part ways. 

No better time than now to be a bit of a floozy and give another hair taming tool a chance to wrestle with my mane. The InStyler promptly appeared on my dressing table and has been doing a damn good job at vying for king (queen?) GHD's crown. 

I've really been enjoying the soft, bouncy finish I can achieve with the InStyler; particularly for days when I want my hair to look fresh, healthy and groomed but not overly "did".  The InStlyer has been doing a stellar job at giving me the type of loose, easy waves I really like and can also be used to straighten the hair. 

That being said to be honest I wouldn't reach for the Instyler over my GHD if I want to achieve poker straight hair. But since that's a rare requirement for me these days I'm happy to InStyle my hair wavy.

I guess there's room for two hair styling tools on this girls dressing table afterall! In fact I think I've found quite the tag team with the GHD doing it's straightening thang and the InStyler bringing the soft, bouncy, boho vibes.


Monday, 6 October 2014

IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY // pingle gets personalised

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It's never too early for a *whispers Christmas present, unless you're some kind of grinch. This one felt extra special. What can I say, I'm a sucker for anything shiny and personalised! Thank you River Island for providing some charming festive cheer slap bang in the middle of September! The clothes were pretty sensational too.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

DREAM DOTS // sweet dreams spots

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I don't think there's any forgetting the dreaded big red spot incident of 2014 (you could see that thing from space) after which I swore to do everything in my power to never poke and prod my way into such an ugly, angry situation again. To properly equip myself to tackle any more potential problems I contemplated the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers.....then swiftly quashed that idea when I saw the price. Get outta here!

Enter Dream Dots a much more cost friendly solution to stubborn spots. These flexible treatment patches help calm, clear and heal breakouts and what I love most, prevent me from prodding at my face,further aggravating a spot. Where once I would have poked, now I simply patch up and allow these little stickers to work their magic!

So what's the final verdict? They absolutely work and thus far have been the only thing to stop my menacing fingers picking my face apart at the first sign of a spot. 

Now we can all sleep soundly in the knowledge that I will stop showing you pictures of my naked face and ugly blemishes.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

TOUCHY FEELY TIMES // boohoo autumn/winter textures

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I'll put my hands up and admit I'm not the most adventurous wardrobe warrior. You probably won't find me working the latest trends or cutting a dash in couture; however that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate all the marvellous creations consistently being fed into the fashion world. In fact I happen to really really enjoy it and lap up every opportunity that comes my way to see said creations.

The Boohoo Autumn Winter Press day was one such opportunity where I went completely goo eyed over all the textures, shapes and angles on offer.

I rarely where sequins, but my magpie tendencies always draw me towards their shiny goodness. And damn do they look amazing in a picture.

Don't even get me started on the dreamy cotton candy fluffy I wanna die.